Pipes Or Cigarettes?

We live in a time where smoking a pipe has turned into something that only eccentric people do. Most people consider this an old fashioned way of smoking tobacco. This belief, along with the huge availability of filtered cigars has unfortunately turned pipes to the wayside. However, the unmatched sensation found by some smokers contribute to the survival of this classy habit. There is a certain charm specific to the ritual of priming and preparing the pipe and the feeling that you get when you smoke a pipe is truly different from a regular cigarette.

Meerschaum Pipe


If you are used to cigars from a pack then the preparation process will seem difficult and long. There is a certain finesse required by a pipe that the other kind of smoking simply does not require. The art of preparing a pipe is tackled differently by each and every individual. Getting to your perfect amount of tobacco that you put in your pipe is certainly a fulfilling journey.

An important part of the pipe experience is choosing a variety. The differences between different pipes are not just aesthetic. Some smokers claim that different materials provoke different flavors. Meerschaum pipes are prepared from a light mineral that is brought from the Black Sea and Turkey.

Different people have different opinions on which is better. Some may consider the pipe pointless, while for others it is something they cannot live without.

To conclude with, no one can choose what you prefer but yourself. Some of you will stay with the simple and convenient cigarette, while others will go for expensive models such as the meerschaum pipes.

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