Plate Magnets For Safe Food Production

The US Food and Drug Administration keeps an eye on food production to guarantee consumer safety. Before it was created, there were numerous reports of food poisoning and related issues, prompting the government to take action in behalf of the public. Nowadays, the FDA conducts safety checks on food processing facilities to ensure that the past does not repeat itself. If you own such a facility, you will have to follow all FDA standards and take steps to rid the food of impurities using plate magnets.


Overlooking these safety standards will result in heavy fines as initial penalties, with succeeding violations possibly ending in the withdrawal of your license to operate the facility. Furthermore, you will not be able to sell products without the FDA-approved seal. Trying to circumvent the process will only lead to more problems with the law.

It is therefore essential that you put equipment in place to assure food purity like plate magnets. Since you are using a tremendous amount of machinery to prepare food, pieces of metal can always fall into in unnoticed ??” a small nut here, a bolt there, and they could end up inside soup cans if unchecked. This will cause a nightmare if ingested by the consumers, especially children.

Set things up such that the soup goes down a chute before packaging. Plate magnets should be placed on the top part of the chute, very near the surface of the liquid to enable them to fish out any metals that may be passing through. To maintain their maximum effectiveness, the plate magnets should undergo daily cleansing.

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