Precisely what are food additives?

Food additives are chemical compounds added in foods or drinks with purpose “to improve” several properties: taste, color, stability or resistance to alteration.

Food additives or the E-numbers are absolutely nothing but extremely toxic chemicals as well as carcinogens. Based on reports from international organizations, mortality amongst the world population, a result of consumption of foods enriched with artificial substances, is in 4th location right after drug use, medications and visitors accidents.

Lengthy consumption of foods containing e-numbers produces within the human body an bombardment on body organs causing destruction of the immune program plus a series of malignant and benign tumors.

These food additives had been named at international level “E numbers”, precisely to disguise buyers the specific substances obtained artificially.

Food additives are divided in 24 categories, amongst which probably the most typical are:

-Sweeteners – Sugar substitute
-Colorants – for or to give a fascinating color
-Acidifying – give a slightly acidic taste
-Acidity regulators – increases or decreases the acidity
-Emulsifiers – make certain a homogeneous mixture between water and food fats
-Preservatives – avoid or delays the alteration of food
-Markers of taste and smell – alter / boost the smell and taste of the food
-Propellants – gas applied to expel food packaging
-Antioxidants – limits the oxidation of sensitive foods in get in touch with with air

Professionals inside the field, advise customers to stay away from the following items:

Margarine – Is actually an item appeared inside the Second World War, soon after the rationalization of butter. Researchers have discovered accidentally that if they heats to 150 degrees Celsius an mixture of vegetable oils within the presence of hydrogen and making use of nickel catalysts is obtained an white item, like butter that they named “margarine”, named following the wife (Margot) of among the scientists. Because then and until now, margarine was “enriched” with all sorts of colorants, flavoring and synthetic vitamins, becoming among the most toxic foods ever invented.

Broths – Include excess of sodium glutamate, E 621, regarded as by authorities among the most carcinogens substances. Glutamate is also applied for preserving milk, cheese, sausage and mushrooms.

Carbonated Drinks – in these drinks could be discovered harmful food adittives from category of “,preservatives”,, “,colorants “, “,antioxidants”, and “,artificial sweeteners”, such as: may be discovered 211, could be discovered 330 (citric acid), might be identified 110 and may be discovered 123, and substitutes to sugar. Prevent drinking citrus-flavored drinks, that are probably the most harmful.
E 211 is amongst one of the most harmful food additives and are discovered in carbonated beverages. However it is also utilised in jams, compotes, chewing gum and certain sausages. E 211, called the sodium benzoate is an food additive from preservatives category.

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