Prevent Drowsy Driving and Its Dangers in Commercial Trucking

Drowsy driving can sneak into the cab without warning and create huge hazards on the highway.

Driving while drowsy is operating a vehicle while sleepy, fatigued or under the influence of medications. You can increase on-road safety by preventing drowsy commercial truck drivers.

Studies attribute thousands of vehicular accidents to drowsiness. Insurance for commercial truck driving provides liability coverage but it does little to ease anguish from injuries, deaths and other consequences of crashes.

Prepare Before a Trip to Stay Alert While Driving

Whether you are an owner-operator, a company manager or a driver, reviewing factors that might lead to drowsy driving can be worthwhile. Consider some approaches to preventing behind-the-wheel drowsiness:

  • Get enough sleep on a regular schedule. Health officials recommend seven hours of slumber for adults.
  • Use technological devices that feature alerts to unexpected drifting from lanes or other driving patterns that might be caused by drowsy driving.
  • Discuss the effects of prescribed and over-the-counter medications with your healthcare provider.

Make Your Travels Safe and Enjoyable

Your efforts to be rested and prepared before all trucking trips can help prevent crashes from drowsy driving. Alertness behind the wheel can add to the pleasure of a road trip and yield the satisfaction of a journey safely made.

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