Properly Lighting A Cigar

Cigar and cigarette lighting are not the same thing. If you are a novice cigar smoker, you may hear contradicting statements on the best way to light it as well as which cigar lighter is best for an even light. If you follow the tips below you will never go wrong.


You will find that lighting a cigarette tends to take less time than lighting a cigar. When you light a cigarette, you all you need to do is to take a small drag while lighting it and it is lit. Lighting a cigar it is like roasting a marshmallow in an over an open flame.

The wrong lighter can easily interfere with the inherent essence of your cigar. One thing you must not do while cigar smoking is to use matches or a cigarette lighter. A good cigar lighter will provide an even amount of heat and this will ensure that the tip of any cigar remains lit.

Relighting a cigar is something that has been debated endlessly. Even the best cigar will go out when you forget to take a puff. If your cigar goes out and you want to relight it, you have to do it promptly. Of course, relighting a cigar that is still warm is perfectly acceptable.

You can find many cigar smoking tips online. Once you learn what to-do or not to-do, make sure to invest in a quality cigar lighter. If you do a little homework, you can greatly improve your smoking experience.

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