Prophetic Crack and Emotional Manipulation by Todd Rutherford

Have you ever felt obligated to make a hasty decision influenced by peer pressure? It happens to many of us. Even from a young age, many people are faced with emotional manipulation-from bullies in the schoolyard to misguided religious leaders. All it takes is someone with a charismatic personality, a gimmick and some smooth rhetoric to reel in unsuspecting victims. Prime examples of this are Jim Jones, who convinced his following to commit suicide, Charles Manson, who coerced his followers to commit murder, and the list goes on.

In Prophetic Crack Dr. Julia McMillan demonstrates the impact of emotional manipulation, particularly from spiritual leaders who use their powerful personalities and speech to control the mindset of churchgoers. Jesus’ teachings warn people that, “Many spiritual leaders refuse to follow the principles of scripture and are adamant about their own perceived authority.”

Dr. McMillan states, “As such, a leader not called by God, relying on his or her charismatic influence to falsely guide innocent followers down paths of personal destruction, is a blind guide. We are warned to leave them, before we all fall into the same pit.” Indeed, when the blind lead the blind, it can only result in destruction.

Prophetic Crack describes “charisma” as a personality trait characterized by a certain kind of “magical charm that arouses loyalty or enthusiasm, especially toward leaders.” Dr. McMillan likens emotional manipulation to a form of witchcraft. According to the text, witchcraft can be something as simple as a mother who manipulates her child in to marrying the mother’s choice of spouse. Throughout history, authority figures have used this charisma to influence many important decisions and fundamentally sway the direction of history.

According to Dr. McMillan, the bottom line is that manipulative spiritual leaders are expertly engineering an addiction to church among followers. What’s worse is that these leaders are hiding behind God’s cloak to execute their intentions. The author discloses that individuals have to be wary of good manipulators for they can foster insecurity and despair, create confusion, fear, and ultimately lead to a state of complete chaos. Churchgoers are warned to look out for such phrases in church services that begin with highly spiritual phraseology, like “‘The Holy Spirit says to the church.’ And, they end with something conjured up in a planning session to raise more money.”

Prophetic Crack is the perfect resource for those who suspect that they may be under the influence of manipulative spiritual leaders. Dr. McMillan’s book offers guidance and truth in time when truth sometimes seems fuzzy and hard to find. Read it cover-to-cover for an in-depth examination of the methods being effective used on believers everywhere.

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Find out more about Prophetic Crack by visiting

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