Rack Mount Automatic Transfer Siwtch

A power outage can cost a business a lot of money. Even if the interruption in the electricity supply only lasts for a few hours, a business that cannot operate its equipment cannot serve its customers. Rack Mount Automatic Transfer Switch

The lack of customer means a lack of order and a lack of production. There are ways to make sure that you do not lose too much money during a blackout. Generators are a good way to prevent the money loss, but getting them to turn on automatically is the trick.


A rack mount automatic transfer switch connects to the generators. It also connects to the main power supply. Should the building’s main power source go out. As long as the generators have enough power to run your businesses operations, you do not need to worry about the lost revenue.

The automatic rack transfer switch has another feature built-in that makes them more efficient. Generators do not run forever. They usually require fuel or some ready energy supply on which to operate. when the power comes back on, the switch senses this and puts the building back on the grid.

This piece of technology may seem like a simple and obvious idea, but it is one a business owner will regret not having if he does not install it as soon he possibly can. The investment is worth its price. It will usually pay for itself after the first power outage to a building. When your competitors can’t produce anything, you can still make or sell your wares.

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