Reasons For The Popularity Of Meerschaum Pipes

Experienced pipe smokers know that a big part of the fun of their particular hobby comes from enjoying the pipe itself. Pipe smokers love to experiment with different pipes until they find the one or two that best reflect their personalities and give them a good smoke. Among those who know their pipes, the Meerschaum is considered to be one of the best. Meerschaum pipes at one time were made in Austria and Germany, but today they are produced only in Turkey. This simply adds to their exotic mystique.


There are several reasons behind the appeal of the Meerschaum. One is that the material from which it is made actually changes color the longer it is used. The reason is that certain byproducts present in the tobacco react with the coating on the pipe and will change the color of the stone. The pipe material is porous and it absorbs unwanted by products, thus producing a cleaner smoke. Another reason many pipe smokers prefer the Meerschaum is because the substance it is made from is very light in weight. This means that it is more comfortable to hold a Meerschaum pipe than the pipes made from wood. A pipe smoker can buy special accessories for the Meerschaum pipe which adds to it appeal.

A smoker using a Meerschaum will be able to taste the actual flavor of the tobacco he is using. This is different from the experience of smoking a pipe made from wood because often the wood will alter the flavor of the tobacco.

Because the Meerschaum pipes change color over time the longer they are used.  Each one eventually is a unique creation that reflects the enjoyment of its owner.


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