Remember Safety on Your Vacation Getaways in Bali

For your family holiday getaways in Bali there are some things that you and your family member should check and do for your own safety and security in the island of Bali. It can be a little frustrating moments if you find out that the pick up car is not there by the airport to escort you to your dream resort after you are having a flight delayed or even cancelled. You just need to check-in and get to your room as fast as possible. Please read more of this article below because that are not the end of it. In order to make sure your family safety you need to think some matters. Know what that is by continue reading.

Checking in at the resort

– If you bring some big and heavy luggage and there are bell boy available then used them to carry your luggage. This will ensure that you can have the best vacation in Bali without a back problem. A small tips will be enough to protect your own safety and health on your vacation.

– To ensure your kids safety. Don’t use stairs. Use elevator if possible if you have kids under five years old.

– When registering on the resort write down only your first initial and your last name. Use your business address and phone number. Please keep in mind that by law all resorts and hotels in Bali must report all incoming guest check in to the police as a record.

– Try to request for a room not on a first or second floor on these two level specially if using a sliding glass door, window or balcony there will be more thefts occur) and must have an inside corridor. Try to get a room within the main building if your resort destination has many buildings.

– Remember to ask details about security procedure so you can immediately know where and what to look for if somethings happen like a fire or somethings.

– Take items with you or lock them in your safe deposit box. If you resort has a safe deposit boxes then take your personal belonging items as soon as you checking in at your room like passports, laptops, electronic devices, money or any other valuables to safe deposit boxes.

– Ask the hotels staffs for some information’s regarding the hotel and surrounding neighborhood and also ask for detailed information about where to dine, sight seeing, things to visit, about transportation’s. Sometimes they are the most reliable source of information’s.

– Do not use something that can make people attention to you or exposing valuable things or wearing large pieces of jewelry because most crime occurred because of it.

These resort safety tips will increase your protection from a personal assault or theft if you following them. Making your family vacation trip safer and being less of a target for a criminal.

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