Remote Power Switch Concerns And Solutions

Computer networks typically have remote power switches so that people can access their computer terminals at home and have the ability to turn them on or off for certain tasks. Since the person in control cannot directly supervise the physical state of the remote computer, some safety concerns have been raised about this technology.


Primarily, people are anxious about losing information stored in the remote PC. This is not likely to happen as long as simple precautions are taken. For instance, an open document that has not been saved may be unrecoverable after a reboot. Some programs automatically save files every few minutes but most require the user to do this manually. Therefore, before leaving the office, one must be sure to save everything and close all applications properly. This way, the files are tucked safely in the computer’s hard drive and may be retrieved whenever necessary.

Power surges also elicit some concerns. Remote power users wonder whether causing the switch to turn the computers on and off could overload the circuits, damaging the systems. The solution is to get only the best remote power switches as they generally have built-in surge protection to guard against this exact possibility. With these in place, one need not worry about remote power control when software installations call for a reboot or troubleshooting steps require restarting the computer several times. All systems with surge protection will be safe from power spikes, even those caused by storms, outages, and other calamities, man-made or otherwise.

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