Remote Viewing Training – What Age?

The psychic ability which pertains to the ability to view people, objects and places is know as remote viewing. This ability is not in the range of our five senses.

Meaning you cannot see these objects with your normal senses and your psychic ability needs to be developed to perceive objects out of the range of your vision.

Don’t mistake remote viewing training as being the same as an out-of-body experience. Astral travel, or out-of-body experience, is where you travel incorporeally in spirit form to view a place or an event.

Considered a form of psychic dowsing, remote viewing is using your psychic powers to find anything you want to find. An individual who has taken remote viewing training and is looking to find something uses a form of ESP.

All humans have a form of latent psychic ability that was never developed fully when we were young. Considering that most of us only ever use around 10% of our brain’s capacity, there’s another 90% of dormant brainpower left untapped and untrained that we aren’t quite sure what to do with.

Imagine being able to reach out and just know that your children are okay while they’re away from family. The security and peace of mind that comes with being able to use remote viewing for beneficial needs is priceless.

Remote viewing is different than other forms of psychic ability because anyone can learn how to do it. In fact, studies have shown that even so-called ‘non-psychic’ people can practice remote viewing once they’ve been taught to enter into a trancelike state. And, they were very accurate as well.

What can you do to train yourself in remote viewing on your own? Here are some steps:

1. Find a calm and quiet place where you won’t be distracted. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

2. Completely relax your body and deep breathe through your nose. Touch your tongue slightly to the roof of your mouth to control your breathing and keep yourself from yawning.

3. Because the ability to believe in what you’re doing is central to your success rate with remote viewing, remind yourself that you are very capable of seeing places, people are events that aren’t directly in front of you as you go deeper into your relaxed state.

4. To start your remote viewing training, choose something simple to focus on. In this way, you can make it possible for your mind to actually embrace the fact that you are capable of doing remote viewing. For example, you can view yourself from a place directly in front of you, as though you were looking back behind you at yourself, relaxed — perhaps as through a mirror. It can be a little difficult in some respects to let yourself see yourself in that way, but if you’re patient, you should be able to achieve this, and when you do, it will be a wonderful surprise for you.

5. Once you’ve mastered the control that you need to have to see yourself from this type of remote perspective, you can challenge yourself somewhat by going little bit further in your mind’s eye. Cast your remote ‘seeing eye,’ in other words, a little bit wider, and observe a location from your distance that you know very well. Perhaps a friend’s or parent’s home is someplace your you are very familiar with, and if so, you can test yourself by noting where dishes are sitting in the sink, or magazines are sitting on the table. As soon as you can, call that person and check and see if what you saw was really what was happening. This will help you reinforce what you’ve seen, and this is important because it will show you that you are capable of doing this.

Involving another person in your endeavor towards remote viewing is a good idea as it will ensure quicker and more accurate feedback and results.

So, to do this, get your friend to sit in some other part of the house where you can’t see or hear him at all, and have him do something over and over again. It might be tugging on his ear or picking up and putting down the same object. You are trying to see if you can perceive what you friend is doing in that remote room. Then, once you think you may have done it, contact her to see just how correct you were.

As you continue to practice, you’ll find that it’s much easier and faster to get yourself into a relaxed state than it has been previously.

This state is very similar to the trance-like relaxation people achieve under hypnosis. Even though they are still wide awake, the body is relaxed enough to access the sub-conscious mind.

The subconscious part of our mind is where our psychic abilities lie dormant and hidden. The more you practice remote viewing, the better you will become in it.

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