Renters Insurance New Jersey Residents Should Research

Renters insurance New Jersey residents can acquire is important for those individuals who are living in a residence they do not own. Theft, natural disasters, fire, and other catastrophic events occur without warning and can lead to the loss or damage of personal property. Insurance policies obtained by landlords do provide coverage for the structure or building itself, but do not protect any of the items belonging to the renter. For this reason, a person who is renting a property must purchase a policy that specifically covers their personal belongings. Renters Insurance New Jersey

Renters insurance policies will vary based on several factors including location. Most are standard HO-4 policies that cover the loss or destruction of personal items but with some restrictions. Some policies will also provide an allotment for living expenses if the rental property becomes too damaged to inhabit. Other types of coverage may include liability in the event that someone visiting the property is injured. Renters should research the policies available and choose the one that provides the best coverage for their potential situation.


Most renters insurance New Jersey residents will encounter will be budget friendly. Paying monthly premiums is insignificant compared to the cost of having to replace the contents of a home. A detailed inventory of items and their specific value will be a factor in the monthly cost of the coverage. Keeping receipts and precise records of purchases will help ensure an easy, fair process if a claim has to be filed.

This type of insurance is commonly viewed as unnecessary and potentially a cost that can be avoided. The reality is that purchasing renters insurance is the only sure way to protect personal items from loss or damage when renting a home. It is an expense that should be budgeted into an individuals cost of living to ensure protection if the unthinkable occurs.

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