Repeat Visitors -the Key To A Productive Web Site

Internet marketers are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of their websites and generate more traffic to them. Besides getting new visitors to your site, what’s more important is to have your existing visitors keep coming back to your website. You have to make your site memorable and give people a reason to keep returning, so you have to pay close attention to how it looks and the content you place on it. Getting more repeat visitors isn’t hard if you know how to make your site more interesting and stickier, so let’s explore a few techniques that enable you to do this.

1) The name of your website is the first thing people notice, which makes this a critical factor. Your objective is to have people discussing your site, so make this as convenient as possible. You should avoid names that are so generic that they’d be hard to differentiate from a hundred other sites, like “Cure Acne” or “Gardening Tips.” You should aim for a name that they’ll be able to remember when they want to go there again or mention it to someone. Visitors are more likely to come back and talk about your site if the name makes an impression on them. 2) Use high resolution graphics on your site, if you’re using graphics at all. If you have photographs on their site that depict products that are for sale, this is especially important. If people land on your site and the first thing they notice are low resolution graphics, this will make an immediate poor impression. Graphics stand out on a site, so if they’re poor quality it affects how people view the entire site. Invest in the services of a high quality web designer if necessary, but get your site looking its best. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your website because, after all, your visitors have to be impressed and keep coming back for more.

3) The key to getting return visitors is to have a site with features that are compelling and a little addicting. Set up your site with diverting and fascinating features that compel visitors to return over and over. Ask for comments that spark discussions, and set up polls and quizzes on your site. A good way to achieve this is to have your own online forum. On the one hand, this supplies your site with consistent content, and on the other hand it gives people a reason to keep returning.

All in all, from the above article we come to understand the importance of keeping your site neat and simple to make it appealing to your visitors. If you want to see a huge difference in your return traffic it’s important that you apply the above tips. As you go along you’ll learn many more tips on making your site sticky but the above tips will get you on the fast track.

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