Run for Weight Loss, Run For Health!

Running for weight loss can be one of the most effective ways to lose those unwanted extra pounds if you do it right. You can lose a few pounds in a short time, but performing this exercise the wrong way can lead to more weight gain instead of loss for you. This article is all about giving you no-nonsense advice on running in order for you to lose weight. Aside from the benefits of running, you will also know the idea behind running for weight loss. The goal is to lose extra pounds without stressing your body from excessive physical fitness activities.

Most fitness buffs maintain a definite set speed based on a specific amount of time. Through this technique, the runner uses up a significant amount of calories and should lose some weight. However, this method does not come without difficulties. In fact, those who have tried this can attest to the difficulty of it. Running for weight loss for an extensive time period will result in an increase of appetite. Most of the time, you will be craving for junk food and other types of food rich in fats. You will be defeating the purpose of running for weight loss since you will have a tendency to eat more of the wrong foods. More calorie-consumption means more weight for you unless you can stick to a balanced diet that stops you from feeling hungry.

Apart from its lack of effectiveness, running for weight loss using this method is very time consuming. In fact, the technique is not very advisable for those who have a very tight working schedule. Not only that, the aforementioned method is also designed to turn off your body’s capacity to efficiently burn more calories.

A great alternative to this method is the HIIT. This technique lets you run for a lesser time period while making your metabolism much faster, thus enabling your body to burn more calories. Dubbed as High Intensity Interval Training, this method promotes the benefits of controlling one’s appetite as opposed to appetite-stimulation. This method only requires small time intervals combined with a period of short breaks all throughout the entire running duration. HIIT also stimulates the increase of human growth hormones which aids the body in losing excess fat and calories. This means that you do not only lose weight effectively but you also feel younger.

You can know more about this method by joining any prestigious running clubs in your locality. These clubs will provide you effective running tips geared towards making you fitter and slimmer. You can also benefit from regular running events sponsored by these clubs. If running for weight loss is your goal, then you can try doing a research on these clubs online. You can also find out more about the best tips on running to help shed those extra pounds.

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