Sea Fishing Tackle Analysis: The Okuma Trio 40S High Speed Spinning Reel

Visualize yourself located on a breezy seaside one morning. As the heavens start filling up with colours, you throw a lure in the water, looking for a grab. Patience…patience…patience…and then — the battle begins! Nothing is more thrilling than this kind of battle. Although various kinds of fishing appeal to me, I prefer sea fishing over the others. A joy comes over me as I get together my sea fishing tackle. If you get equally excited, undoubtedly you pay a lot of attention to what fishing equipment you pack also. Read on to find out more about a reel that really gets me excited – the Okuma Trio 40S high speed spinning reel.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Essential Capabilities of the Okuma Trio 40S High Speed Spinning Reel

The Trio 40S is full of innovative features, including an one-of-a-kind crossover design that features both aluminium and graphite. The single-piece rotor arm (made of aluminium) and reel stem complement a light and portable graphite rotor housing and also side plates. The outcome? Extraordinary sturdiness in an incredible, yet light piece of fishing tackle. The spool has a construction with numerous parts to secure the drag system inside an aluminium chamber that provides remarkable evenness and balance. The housing, which is constructed from graphite, lessens the weight and also makes it look classier. The 40S’s durability is further enhanced by a corrosion resistant coating (CRC) process, a technique in which a coating is applied to all internal and housing parts. The reel won’t easily rust thanks to this metal-bonding coating. The anodised pieces are pigmented in an eye-catching orange tone.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Even More Features of the Okuma Trio 40S Reel

One more benefit I enjoy on this reel is the 40S’s dual force drag (DFD) system. By way of multi-disc Japanese-oiled drag washers manufactured out of felt, the system applies tension on the spool from both ends and generates greater drag pressure. I’ve found the DFD to be quite stable and very smooth. What’s more, the reel uses 9 ball bearings, and a quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing, and this aids you in a smooth, flawless cast and retrieve process. I should say I also value Okuma’s elliptical oscillation system (EOS); it executes beautifully, which results in even line lay, toss after toss.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Closing Remarks on the Okuma Trio 40S High Speed Reel

The aluminium handle (forged), drag seal (waterproof), and rugged anodised bail wire (aluminium) all factor into the top quality look and feel of the reel. Furthermore, there’s a computer-balanced rotor equalising system (RESII) in place. In addition, I’ve learned that the 40S has an extremely durable, precision machine-cut brass pinion gear. The fishing reel boasts a 6.1 to 1 retrieve ratio, and will allow for 170m x .30mm of mono filament line. Trio reels carry a 1-year warranty. Could I expect anything more out of sea fishing tackle that can be purchased for roughly ?60 to ?70? Hardly!

The Okuma Trio 40S high speed spinning reel is really a first-class little bit of sea fishing tackle that I enthusiastically recommend.

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