Shaving Can Make Wonders For Your Giftedness

Shaving on and around the penis is being done by males not just for surgery anymore. Just take a look around the locker room the next time you’re at the gym. Today’s males say shaving the pubic hairs on and around their penis is a way to feel fresh and look neat and clean. And cleanly shaving their shaft allows a condom to slip on and off much easier. These are very good reasons to support shaving the penis indeed.

However, if the man is brutally frank, he’ll say that shaving his pubic hair makes his penis look bigger and consequently attracts more attention when hairless. So if you are one of those Adams, learn the few things you should be aware of before you start picking up the razor and start shaving:

1) Unless you are sober and fully alert, never start shaving your penis. This area is much more sensitive than your face, so you need your full attention or else you will end up getting cuts in the most hurtful places.

2) And while penis shaving is pretty easy to do, it does require patience and care.

3) If you’re shaving for the first time and have long pubic hairs, trim them with scissors or better yet, a hair trimmer.

4) Have a long and hot shower or bath. Your follicles will open up, which will soften your usually coarse pubic hairs. You will have an easier time to shave later.

5) Gently pat dry your penis and the surrounding area with a clean and cottony soft towel.

6) Place a generous amount of rich lubricant. Let it be absorbed by the skin for at least 3 minutes before start your session.

7) ALWAYS replace the blade with a new one.

Note: News has been going around that if you start shaving your pubic area, testicles, and inner thighs, the best optical illusion, or better yet, your penis will look larger. In case you decide to start becoming hairless in that area and your inner thighs, you have to always ensure that a new blade is available right away so you can change the blades immediately if the razor starts to drag.

Start shaving in the direction where the hair grows and cover all sides in the process. Pull the penis upward if it is not erect yet so you can cover that area too. After this, you have to do one more round this time against the direction of the growth. Do not go over it more than 2 times or apply so much pressure. It will be too painful to get burns in the end of the session.

Next, you have to rinse off the excess lubricant with warm water first then cold water. This makes the follicles close and calm down. Do not rub with the clean towel but just pat gently.

Some put a non-stinging astringent after the shave. But just to be safe from any reaction, lightly dust it with a talc free powder or just plain cornstarch. No one wants irritation to this raw skin so you have to make sure it is dry all the time and avoid initial friction. It is safest to wear loose boxer shorts for the meantime.

Constant shaving is believed by many to cause the skin irritation. This is a fallacy because growing stubbles cause the skin irritation most of the time so you actually have to constantly shave.

Males who are very physically active are usually shaving every other day. While it’s a fact that eventually, after regular shaving, the hairs will become weaker and softer and your penis will remain smoother – If you’re not ready, able and willing to follow the regimen outlined here, you probably shouldn’t start shaving your penis.

The worse thing that you can have other than a hairy penis is a stubbly and scabby penis, and everybody knows this. You can get a dry shaver as this is the most recommended. Research more on the other designs for penile shaving and select which one is best for you.

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