Shopping For Counselor Malpractice Insurance

Running a practice that includes counseling entails many responsibilities, not the least of which is purchasing a good plan for counselor malpractice insurance. Working in an industry that necessitates constant close contact with patients is unfortunately a conducive environment for damaging claims. Being properly insured can protect a practice from being financially devastated in the event of an incident.

It is necessary to know something about who you are purchasing the Counselor Malpractice Insurance from. Do research on different companies that offer the insurance you need, and observe the way they handle their customers and their needs. Reading about customers that have actually faced malpractice claims can help you get a feel for the way the company would treat you in a similar instance.


The plans themselves can vary from company to company, and even within a company there will be a variety of plans available. Basic plans will often cover court expenses. Other plans will cover the entire cost and other legal expenses. The most in-depth plans will cover loss of wages due to time spent handling a claims case, and may reimburse travel costs as well.

Call different companies once you have decided the extent to which you need to be covered. Interview their representatives for price quotes and premiums. By properly outfitting your practice with a counselor malpractice insurance plan that meets your needs, you can protect your practice from any problems that may arise in the case of a malpractice suit. It is absolutely vital that coverage is purchased early on, before a claim can damage your practice.

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