Six Things to look for in a tradesman at a free classifieds online

It used to be relatively difficult to find tradesmen to hire for manual jobs like plumbing or roofing, but thanks to the power of the internet, you can simply run a quick free classifieds online search and find one – or hundreds – fairly easily. The trouble lies in sifting through all those tradesmen you found in a free classifieds online and finding the right one for the job. Apart from the usual insurance requirements and paperwork, there are six other things you need to look at when hiring a reliable tradesman, with each one being just as important as the next.
. Website – The very first thing you need to look at is the website that you found the tradesman listing on. If you found them on a job listing site, make sure that the website is reputable or at least looks legitimate.
. References – Good tradesmen have surely done some good work, and you need to confirm if the man you’re looking to hire has some proof to back it up. Make sure to ask the tradesmen you found for their references so that you can talk to their former clients and ask how they performed.
. Price – It can be tempting to hire someone just because his prices are cheaper than the rest, but be careful; hiring a tradesman for cheap usually results in cheap work, and you don’t want to suffer the consequences of having cheap work done on semi-permanent parts of your home.
. Materials and Tools – It’s also important to find out where tradesman acquires the tools and materials required for their craft. You need to ensure that any tradesman that you hire has supplies and materials that are high quality so that you don’t wind up with something that deteriorates quickly over time simply because the materials used were subpar.
. Schedule and Timeframe – Take a look at any potential tradesman’s schedule and compare it to yours. The tradesman you’re interested in hiring may have already scheduled other jobs before you came along, so you need to make sure that his timetable fits with yours. You also need to make sure to ask him for an estimated timeframe for the job you’re asking him to do to make sure that he does his work in a timely fashion.
. The Man Himself – When you find someone that you think is worth talking to further, do it in person rather than over the phone or via e-mail/chat. Call him via his contact number posted in free classifieds online. Remember that once you hire a tradesman, you’ll be letting him into your home or office to do his job, and talking to him in person is one of the best ways to gauge his character.

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