Small Business Health Insurance Michigan

If you are a small business owner, ensure your employees know you care by offering them great on the job benefits such as small business health insurance Michigan. Many full time employees do not have medical benefits and if you are one of the employers who does this, it can cost you a fortune in human resources due to a high turn over rate. Getting group medical benefits for your employees can actually lower your overhead costs.

Offering group health insurance is great for you because of certain tax incentives. You can write off the health insurance premiums you pay for your employees on your income taxes. Of course you can only deduct so much, but think of how much you will save on your tax return!


Your employees will also benefit from obtaining health insurance from their employer because they will get better coverage for a lot less. Few people will want to pay for their own medical insurance when group insurance is available to them. Out of pocket individual health insurance can be very hefty, especially for those with pre-existing conditions or women who plan to start a family.

The greatest benefits you, as an employer, will gain is employee loyalty. They will be impressed that you care enough about them to take care of their health, thus ensuring your employees stay loyal, reducing how often you must search for new employees.

It is very important that you get small business health insurance Michigan for your employees. Maybe the price may not seem worth it at first, but the many benefits both you and those who work for you will outweigh the initial costs. Do everyone a favor and talk to your local small business health insurance Michigan agent about your options.

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