Smoking Pipes For Beginners

If you are new to smoking a pipe, you will require some help in choosing the best types of smoking accessories. The choice of pipe is very important. If you make a bad choice of smoking pipes, you will not enjoy your new hobby very much. You will also need to discover what tobacco varieties you like the best. This will take some experimenting and searching. Learn the differences in these smoking pipes.


Estate pipes are very popular with some smokers and tobacconists. Estate pipes cost much less than regular pipes and they are already broken in. What is the catch? Estate pipes have actually been used by a previous owner. These pipes are cleaned, sanitized and refurbished to be of excellent quality and they are a great bargain for budget minded smokers.

Another common type is the briar smoking pipe. These are made by machine or hand made from briar wood. This wood does not burn easily and it can also absorb moisture. If you decide to get a briar pipe look for one that has a very good grain.

A meerschaum pipe is valued by many smokers because it is made from a porous mineral. This mineral is found in the Turkish sea where the water is not too deep. The material is light in weight and does not absorb smells. The meerschaum material will not affect how the tobacco tastes so you will know the true taste when you smoke it.

When you are looking around at smoking pipes to make your choice, remember that a low quality pipe will not provide you with a pleasurable smoking experience. If you want to save money and get a good quality pipe you can purchase these online.

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