St Martin Real Estate Secrets Exposed By Taylor White

Saint Martin real estate is based more on apartments and villas than sprawling estates. Real estate in Saint Martin is based more on rentals – particularly for the international travel – than on outright sales. St. Martin’s Dutch side is well-known for its nightlife, beaches and casinos. Beaches, shopping and rich cuisine are the main attractions of the island’s French side. International tourism has flourished in the island in the last few years and today immigrants come from as far off as Europe and Australia.

Increasing tourism has widened the scope of Saint Martin real estate listings. The local residents are fluent in English and this has helped bring foreign investors and buyers to the island. The Saint Martin real estate for sale includes villas, apartments and even hotels. Saint Martin rentals include timeshares, hotels, private residential apartments and homes too for the international traveler. However, rentals are not popular during late summer due to the island falling in the inter-tropical convergence zone and experiencing storms.

International real estate investors also find Saint Martin’s neighboring islands – Saint Barth?lemy (French), Anguilla (British), Saba (Netherlands Antilles), Sint Eustatius “Statia” (Netherlands Antilles), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Independent, formerly British) – full of opportunity and good properties.

International real estate listings for the Saint Martin region are full of properties that are less than one hectare in area. Bigger properties from the region are usually not available as international real estate for sale. However, international rentals and international real estate exchange have become very popular with visitors to the island.
Despite being an island and a little cut off from mainstream industrialization, the local residents have particularly developed properties to cater to the needs of the international traveler coming in from mainland America or Europe. But that is exactly what makes the island a wonderful getaway for people looking for some peace and sunshine by the sea. St Martin is ideal for setting up a studio overlooking the sea and many such small apartments and homes are being developed in the heart of the island.

If you are considering a property investment in Saint Martin it is advisable that you go through a good broker or dealer. That will help you save unnecessary problems with paperwork and understanding local laws. In taking up rentals, ensure that you draw up a contract beforehand.

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