Start Your Own Cleaning Service Company

You would probably be quite amazed at the amount of money cleaning services make. Starting a small cleaning business might be just your ticket to financial success. If you like to clean, you could get started for a very small amount of money. For instance, you would want a vacuum cleaner and some basic supplies as well as some marketing money for flyers and business cards. Word of mouth might just get you a lot of business as many people are looking for honest, trustworthy house cleaners.

Depending on your goals, you could start with residential homes or even businesses. You need to check with your insurance company about getting any kind of liability insurance since you will be around other people’s belongings.

You will want to get testimonials from clients, so you might want to give a really good deal to the first few people who hire you in exchange for a testimonial letter. Remember to do your best job cleaning their home or office so that you can ensure good word of mouth for future jobs. You may eventually need to hire additional people that you will manage so that you can take on more work. Again, check into local laws and insurance issues before you start to hire other people. There are certainly tax implications you want to think about as well, so consult your tax advisor too.

The amount of money you can make from starting a cleaning business is really up to you. Some people make between $10 and $30 per hour, but you can also make over $100 to clean a home from top to bottom. Smaller homes and apartments will take an hour or two to clean. However, most 3 bedroom homes will take about four to six hours to clean from top to bottom.

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