Step Ladders Synopsis: The Little Giant RevolutionXE

If you are looking to buy a step ladder, you should never try to opt for something cheaply built. There are too many accidents inside the home; working with a steady, well-built step ladder is vital to do the task safely. Even the simplest DIY task, such as changing a light bulb, should be performed in as safe a manner as possible. Thousands of injuries occur each year because homeowners chose to improvise rather than use the right equipment, such as a sturdy and stable step ladder. Step ladders are among the most important tools in any home. So, don’t you think it would be a good idea to pick the appropriate one? Read on to learn about a great ladder from Little Giant, the RevolutionXE.

Step Ladders: About the Little Giant RevolutionXE

Normally, a step ladder would not be seen as an advanced piece of equipment; however, this ladder made by Little Giant definitely is equipped with lots of pioneering elements. Little Giant step ladders have been available for an excess of 30 years, and include the most advanced in forward style and production methods. Case in point, this particular ladder’s distinctive Litewave technology assures that the RevolutionXE is 20 percent lighter than many other ladders in its category. LiteWave technology is incorporated in military aircraft; henceforth, implementing it in aluminium ladders is a smart manufacturing decision. The end outcome is that a Little Giant ladder that is rated at 115kg has all the stability of a ladder rated at 136kg, but there is not difference in weight.

Step Ladders: Key Features of the RevolutionXE

Although known for designing one of the world’s safest and most stable ladders, the engineers at Little Giant have taken it a step farther. The ground-breaking MAG4 hinge system creates a whole new dimension of safeguarding and lastingness since it locks into position with four pins, as opposed to two pins. Also, it has a redesigned component known as Rock Lock which renders it unbelievably simple to make adjustments properly to the ladder. Just press on the lock to unlock it, fix the ladder appropriately, and tap to lock it again . Nothing could possibly be more speedy or more uncomplicated.

Step Ladders: More on the Subject of the Little Giant RevolutionXE

The RevolutionXE is a sound piece of equipment to implement in a diversity of places, including curbs, ramps, stairs, docks, as well as other types of unlevel surfaces. This particular ladder is built from aluminium which is frequently used in aerospace applications. The aluminium renders the ladder outstandingly strong with no added weight. Ladders made of aluminium are extremely easy to transport also and may be kept outside. In addition, aluminium will not conduct electric currents. The RevolutionXE was meticulously tested, and shown to be better than 70% of step ladders selling today. The ladder is extremely versatile as well.. It may be setup in 24 various arrangements; these include 90 degree, staircase, A-frame, along with extension ladder. Finally, the RevolutionXE disassembles into two scaffold trestles. Only the separately available work plank needs to be added to transform the ladder into a sturdy scaffold.

For maximum adaptability in step ladders, the Little Giant RevolutionXE merits a serious look.

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