Symbolic Stones by Todd Rutherford

The symbolism and imagery are plentiful in L.A. Kuehlke’s new novel, Pursuit (Yorkshire Publishing). One of the main symbols is the use of stones and their meanings. In Pursuit, each angel and human share a certain gemstone. The meaning of the stone is a representation of the character’s role within the story, and it describes their personalities and God-given gifts. However, Miranda has a special affinity for the stones, from the green in the Malachite that brings out her eyes to the blue in the Larimar that she hopes will find her love.

The Celestite stone is shared between two of the main characters, Miranda and her angel, Vizuhn. This stone symbolizes hope and faith. The power of God is manifested in this stone as everything He has created is for the purpose of good.

Lepidolite represents security and it was suggested that Miranda wear this stone to calm her down after there was a break-in at her bookstore.

Malachite brings balance and soothing, which is greatly needed with each of Miranda’s encounters with Derek (her Guardian), who struggles against his own desires for her.

Peridot, according to Miranda, is a stone that aids in healing one from past emotional hurts and heartaches. She also points out that bishops today wear such a ring as a symbol of purity and morality.
Larimar’s ability to influence love is what interested Mirada in wearing this very necklace-when she goes out on a date with Derek.

Ocean Jasper brings about relaxation and cooperation within the workplace that Miranda so desperately needs.

In Pursuit by L.A. Kuehlke, all of these stones have meanings to Miranda; they guide her along her way of accepting her God-given gift, allowing her to soften her heart and allow the love of God and the man for whom she has been searching, to finally enter her life. She is motivated by the fact that if she continues to ignore her gift, people will die.

Pursuit is a fun and enjoyable read! Be on the lookout for this talented writer-as the Christian market is about to discover a new writer and her name is L.A. Kuehlke.

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