The Benefit Of Getting Classic Car InsuranceClassic Car Insurance

There are a number of automobile enthusiasts that like to purchase classic car insurance. These can be expensive styles that owners take a lot of time in caring for. The beauty of these machines are what draws the collector into buying them, but they can be hard to maintain if something goes wrong.

People who have these vehicles will benefit by getting Classic Car Insurance. This is a policy designed to cover the needs of this type of automobile. As a general rule a car must be more than twenty years old to fall into this category. These vehicles are different than very old autos, which are classified as vintage machines.


When filling out your application it is important to check for any limitations set by the agency. Since these are collectible items they are not usually driven on a regular basis. A insurance company can have a certain mile limitation as to how often this vehicle can be driven.

Another stipulation may be that this item needs to be stored in an enclosed environment when it is not driven. This could be a garage or enclosed structure such as a carport. It should also have a lock to prevent the car from being stolen or tampered with.

The policies issued for these cars are designed to meet the replaceable value of the item. This is the main reason people choose to get this coverage. They usually spend a substantial amount of money in purchasing their car, which they consider an investment. To protect this investment they take out a policy.

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