The Benefits of Consultant Liability Insurance

Consultants work across numerous industries, in various types of work settings. Consulting is also an increasingly popular line of work, particularly when it can be completed remotely. A consultant may be entrusted with contributing significant input to a design or project, and may be blamed if the project fails or runs into obstacles. For this reason (and potentially others), it is essential for high-volume consultants to carry consultant liability insurance.

What Risks Do Consultants Face?

Consultant risks may vary depending on type of industry, whether work is done remotely or in-person, and other factors. In general, however, consultants may face liability for the following situations:

  • If contracted services by the consultant lead to a problem in completing a project, or have other unintended negative consequences — for instance, if design input on a building project produces a structural defect
  • If a client has an accident when meeting with a consultant on the consultant’s property

These are broad categories; in theory, a consultant may be accused of liability for any relevant incident that harms a client — for instance, if private client data is stolen from a consultant’s computer.

Consultant liability insurance — in particular, general liability and professional liability insurance — helps protect your business and assets, and ensures you can fully devote your time to your clients’ projects.

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