The Benefits Of Owning A Quality Multi-Tool

Owning a multi-tool device such as the Leatherman Wave can make your life easier in a number of ways. These devices are capable of helping you perform numerous tasks, ranging from cutting paper with a scissors to opening a bottle of your favorite beverage. These handy gadgets vary from brand to brand in terms of the type and number of tools they provide, so it is important to understand what benefits you would like to achieve by owning a multi-tool.


The Leatherman Wave and other devices like it typically consist of a needlenose pliers, one or two knives, and many more tools. They are normally designed to fold into a compact package when they are not in use, and they often come with a durable case that can easily be attached to a belt, or kept in a pocket. The most advanced multi-tools on the market can contain over twenty tools while still maintaining a slim profile and light feel.

When searching for a multi-tool to buy, it is recommended that you choose a model that will be tough enough to handle what you have planned for its use. While it may be tempting to opt for a less well-made device containing every tool imaginable, it is always a better idea to choose the more ruggedly-built option. It may not contain the same number of tools that a lesser device would, but it will probably last much longer, and you will most likely find that you will not miss the extra tools.

Before shopping for a multi-tool, think about the tools which are essential to you. Ask yourself whether you need advanced options such as a saw or a file. Although the Leatherman Wave is the most well-known and popular model on the market, you may not require all of its features. There are other high quality multi-tools available which are made by very reputable manufacturers. These devices should be investigated, as well. If you can determine which tools you will use most often, and which ones you can probably do without, then you are ready to narrow down your choices considerably.

Multi-tools are not just for maintenance and construction workers. They can benefit any person who needs a pliers, knife, or screwdriver from time to time, but does not want to carry a cumbersome tool box around. Some top of the line models such as the Leatherman Wave are built to last a very long time, plus they contain a cornucopia of tools, some of which you may never use. This is why it is so important to determine which tools you will actually utilize on a regular basis. Remember that it is recommended to invest in a durable and well-built multi-tool. By adding such a device to your arsenal, you can save yourself valuable time, money and frustration.

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