The Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet Reviewed

People who owned laptops initially gave the iPad a tepid reception, not realizing the capabilities of the innovative device. But then, the real function of the iPad started to become more obvious. As the market caught on and Apple’s accountants started rubbing their hands with glee, the other big computer and cell phone companies sat up and took note. Suddenly, Tablets could be found in all the sales outlets. And Dell’s shareowners were going to be upset if they didn’t try and obtain a piece of the pie. The device Dell is pinning its hopes on is a tablet called Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet. We’re going to examine this unit in this article and provide you the anwers you need for you to determine if you should purchase or not.

Alas, the most self-evident minus for this product is its maker: Dell. Quality and dependability are not trademarks of this company’s offers. Dell also has a shady track record when it comes to customer service. Based on customer feedback, it looks like the moment your warranty lapses, you are going to be charged for calling customer support. Buying a product from Dell can have future implications – and not just price – which may well outweigh the immediate savings from it being a comparatively affordable product.

Today, multitasking between several functions is much in demand, and the Android OS version used here, called Froyo, should make it comparatively uncomplicated. It’s not a requirement to keep specific programs “live” in order to receive messages from the system’s notification service, while at the same time listening to MP3s and keeping ypur GPS information current. It gives easy access to your Gmail and other e-mail applications and accounts, so you won’t have to worry about whether someone can reach you when you have your tablet with you.

One of the best things about this Dell tablet that wasn’t a part of the first iPad design is video chat. This tablet, employing Qik software and a front-facing panel camera, allows for video chat. The only catch is that the only people you will be able to chat with are people who have the same Streak tablet or a compatible device. What this means is that the video chat function is not universal in its application. Another great thing is that the Dell Streak 7 table comes built in with Blockbuster’s On Demand service. Admittedly, though, Blockbuster’s recent run of problems make us think twice about recommending the tablet.

Thus yar, there aren’t lots of reviews about this specific product although a few people are wondering what the point of this product might truly be. The Dell Streak 7 tablet’s real use is limited by its not being encompassing and its subsequent inability to communicate with other devices. But, if you believe you’re missing out and would like to learn whether tablets are truly the thing for you, this tablet is an affordable way for you to find out. Bearing in mind the aforementioned caveats, do think about your purchase cautiously prior to committing your money.

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