The Efficiency Of The Console Server

The console server allows a network of computers to be properly serviced from a remote location if any problems are detected. Console servers can be purchased as dedicated appliances from manufacturers in a multitude of configurations to meet the needs of the network being supplied. Both out of band management and remote data center management can be performed from a console server with a console port. Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers are among the networks that effectively worker with console servers.


Console server can perform several operations: they can remotely control monitors and diagnose problems and perform maintenance over a network or the internet. Console servers can be custom built from new or refurbished components. When off the shelf computer hardware are utilized a more customized system may be built and possibly with greater security, but the biggest drawback is the size of the console. A custom built console server of this sort could grow to be well over a 1 rack unit size which is the average industrial console server. By custom building the server, it may also be excessive in cost.

By knowing your requirements for the system, it is possible to buy one that meets your needs adequately, rather than custom building one. The overall cost will be less and the size of the unit will meet the 1 rack unit specification of most industrial units. A console server will ultimately lower the costs of operating a network and add efficiency to repairing problems. Your staff will have less time standing idly around, leading to lost profits and your IT staff will spend less time traveling and more time at home with their families.

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