The Extended Features Of Remote Power Switching Devices

It is not uncommon nowadays for network administrators to manage computers outside the office. Through remote power switching and related technologies, they can monitor the network wherever they are. They can also respond to issues immediately around the clock. This is a great boon for business as experts will always be on hand to address concerns. Those planning to purchase remote switches should get to know the wide array of features available.

At the basic level, all these switches will enable reboots from afar. Those with a higher price come with useful features such as mobile and Internet access. They could also monitor the stability of the power supplies and get alerted if an outage is detected. Aside from personal computers, an incredible variety of devices can use them like BBS servers, video equipment, and ATMs.


The switches could be activated several ways. One is by clicking options on a web interface. Another is by calling a phone line which presents choices via voice prompt. The devices connected to a remote power switching mechanism can be programmed to go off and on at predetermined times, like at night when no one is using them to save on electric bills. Other notable features include temperature supervision for safety, a log file for documentation, and firewall for security.

There are single-device switches but most are built for multi-device configurations. They are plug-and-play devices that don’t need supplementary materials to work. Some software may have to be installed to enable certain features like SMS alerts for emergencies.

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