The Garden Glorified Article by Todd Rutherford

Like the woods in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, the garden to Steve Bates is his sanctuary of simplicity and peace, and this is quite evident in his book, Seeds of Spring: Lessons from the Garden; it is the glorification of the garden.

For many, the garden is a place of neglect, an “I’ll get to it when I have time” place. As long as it does not appear dilapidated, it’s ok. Steve Bates aims to change all that. His book is ideal for gardeners of all levels, whether they be avid or casual, as it inspires a renewed sense of nature-via the garden. Bates reflects, “We begin to see gardens where others see unkempt bushes, or a weedchoked pond, or a forgotten cemetery or nothing at all.”

Steve Bates’ garden is brimming with life. He equates it with happiness, which is part of the process in turning a foreign concept such as the garden into a familiar one that each and every reader can relate to. To revel in the garden, to celebrate its tending and its yield-that’s what will happen when we glorify it.

“Being stewards of the soil,” as Bates fondly acknowledges his garden, idealizes the toil and hard work that is put into the art of gardening. He himself admits that while mistakes can be made, the thought of perfection pushes the gardening aficionado beyond reasonable limits. Whether it’s trying to grow the perfect long-stemmed rose or the sweetest smelling water hyacinth, it’s all in the effort of nurturing and prodding the plant along to reach its full potential.

In many ways, the garden has become Bates’ home. He accepts the garden with its flaws and strives to glorify those as well: “Despite all of its limitations and flaws, the garden appears in the mind as the perfect setting, a special place of creation and refuge. This is where we yearn to be, where we feel an unequalled sense of connectedness, of purpose.”

Readers of Steve Bates’ Seeds of Spring: Lessons from the Garden will find that connection, that purpose in life. This is a must read for gardeners and anyone who feels the need to get back to nature, as the lessons contained in this wonderful book encourage us to embrace life through the glorification of the garden.

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