The Importance Of Insurance For A Sports Club Or Gym

Running a gym or a sports club successfully means that it is important that sports club insurance is maintained and up to date. People frequently ask about the importance of insurance and which kind of insurance they need. While numerous sports clubs might insist upon its members signing waivers which state that they are participating in activities that might be risky to themselves, this might be insufficient for numerous reasons, one of which is that your property is not insured and members can not generally be held accountable for accidental property damage. Individuals can also still sue you or your company even when a waiver has been signed, which means that even a basic insurance package is vital.

Insurance is available in 3 types, and you may, in some cases be legally bound to possess at least one of the different policies. Public Liability Insurance is a necessity for owners or managers of larger sports clubs which may provide facilities for more dangerous or high-risk sports such as horse riding or climbing. Employer Liability is also an insurance consideration and protects employers against injury while working. Property Cover Insurance then protects against natural disasters, fire and theft, as well as reimbursing the owner any relevant legal fees with regard to law suits.


The advice of a lawyer is always recommended when a new insurance policy is being obtained, and this is to ensure adequate cover in all needed areas is obtained. Sports club Insurance should be set up and active prior to the business opening its doors to the public.

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