The Joi of Travel: Joico Artists’ Best Summer Hair Tips

Joico Vero K-PAK Color Spokesperson: Beth Minardi‘s Fave Summer Hair Trends
Vacation? My best ever was my summer trip to Southern France where I learned to do what Americans find so difficult: Relax and enjoy the moment! The closest spots I love are Naples, Florida and the beaches of Anguilla.

Beth’s Summer Trends? Loose, messy updos directed back from the face. Or, try double ponytails – one over each ear!

Joico International Artistic Director: Damien Carney‘s Top Summer Hair Tips
One of my favorite places to go on a holiday is Bird Cage – Bahamas. The weather is perfect in the summer for those who love a warm sun and a comfortable outdoor climate. I think it’s important to enjoy different cultures and the best places to that are places that allow for outdoor exploration. Whether you’re out and about enjoying the city or trekking some path on a hike somewhere beautiful and peaceful, you have to engage your mind and body in this way. Such a stress reliever for me!
When traveling, or during summer months, and in sun-kissed, warm climates like the Bahamas, you need to be able to keep your hair looking natural and airy in your outdoor adventures without getting frizzed out damaged by it. A warm glowing blonde is perfect for a warm sun-kissed day, but to keep it beautiful, use a light styler with humidity control, like Joico-Design Collection’s Flexible Shaping Spray and Humidity Blocker.
You should also keep your locks vibrant with a shampoo and conditioner that protect against UV rays and help keep your color lasting longer, like K-PAK Color Therapy or Color Endure.

Joico International Artistic Director: Sue Pemberton‘s Best Summer Hair Products
My favorite country is South Africa, and the gorgeous capital city of Cape Town has beautiful beaches and an absolutely exquisite countryside that provides for an abundance some really spectacular pictures for that photo-buff in you, or if you just want to recall your trip with amazing views… My second favorite is city is Sydney, Australia. It’s like taking the best of the UK and the best of the USA and putting them together: great people, great food and an truly great city.

I travel so much for my work that this summer I’ve opted to stay at home. Being at home offers me that oft needed respite many people get when they decide to travel; relaxing by a beautiful pool, indulging in free time without a care. That’s what I’ll enjoy and I’ll feel like I am on vacation everyday when I am at home in the great weather of Las Vegas, which has it all!
One of the big things everyone should worry about during the summer and especially in the sun-bleached towns I’ve just mentioned, is keeping your hair out of the sun or covering your hair up in summer months as the sun and pool water fades your hair color. I suggest using products in Joico’s arsenal that have UV protectors in them such Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil, or JoiMist Medium/Firm JoiShape hair sprays, and the thermal-activated -PAK Smoothing Balm that controls frizz as well (perfect for summer hair care).

If your a blonde, use Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep your color lasting longer and DO NOT get your hair wet in the jacuzzi water- the heat and chlorine it will turn your hair green.

Joico Celebrity Hair Stylist: George Papanikolas‘ Celebrity Summer Hair Tips
My favorite vacation spot is on the Greek Island of Mykonos. The setting is spectacular with a bold contrast of the dark sea, rocky terrain, and bold bright white houses. This summer is gong to be all about bold beautiful and bright hair color. Stick with whatever shade you currently have, and kick it up a notch!

Brunettes will look fabulous with a few sun-kissed highlights around the face and towards the ends of the hair. The look I created for Ashley Tisdale is a perfect example of this sun-kissed hairstyle that not only looks effortless and low maintenance, but gives the hair a bold summer pop and playfulness.

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