The Liability Insurance For Counselors

No matter what type of counselor you are, it is a requirement to have individual liability insurance for counselors. Although they may need it, around 50 percent of counselors choose not to carry this insurance for whatever reason.Just like other professions, counselors face getting claims, which could be financially destructive. All it takes is one disgruntled client to put you in a difficult situation that you may be fighting for years. This will put a major toll on your business, some protect your future by obtaining Liability Insurance for Counselors.

Don’t Depend on Employer Coverage

Regardless of rumors that may exist, counselors should still have individual insurance, because their employer’s may only cover the company as a whole. Meaning, if you come into a legal predicament, where a client decides to sue you, you will not be protected.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some counselors may think that they are above others, and that they don’t need insurance. They may think that their business style will prevent them from getting sued. However, they must be cautious of morally corrupted clients who are trying to make some money by filling an unjust lawsuit against counselors. However, with liability insurance, those in need of defense won’t be out of pocket any money.

Make sure that you are ready for any and all possibilities. This can easily be done by being covered, and ignoring common untruths about not having individual insurance. Commercial insurance agents can assist you in better understanding how to prevent yourself from being in a compromising situation, or inform you what to do if you are put into one.

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