The Life of Jesus Christ from Moses’ Mirror by Todd Rutherford

Whether it’s Sunday School or Bible study, sometimes the Bible stories of old need to be refreshed, or even simplified. Ron Stock’s Moses, God’s Blessed Donkey does just that. It is the heartwarming story of a donkey named Moses, who finds himself present at Jesus’ most defining moments.

The amazing aspect of this book is its appeal to students as young as twelve and thirteen, typical middle school students, or even younger. Ron’s writing style is captivatingly simple and beautiful, yet packaged with all the important details. Adults, too, will find the story delightful as they read and share familiar stories through the eyes of Moses the donkey.

An excerpt from Fran Sells review of the book states, “It is clear that Stock fully understands the setting and culture he chose for his book. The description of ancient customs and the corresponding word choices help create a setting easily envisioned and almost tangibly felt. Readers of every age can easily identify with the life lessons unearthed in this book: embracing responsibility, identifying one’s calling, coming of age in trying times and weathering the shifting seasons of life.” At both Jesus’ birth and his ascension, Moses and Bullion are present, ready to witness God’s plan fulfilled. Bullion acknowledges, near the end of the story, “I know now that Jesuha was that baby, and that Yahweh put us, put you Moses, here on earth to somehow be part of His life.”

Moses, God’s Blessed Donkey is a story that can appeal to children, young adults, and even adults. Moses is portrayed with such human characteristics that he is fun-and lovable with his floppy ears, and still depicts the importance of being responsible and fulfilling one’s duties to the end.

By telling the story from Moses’ eyes, Stock not only creates a fondness for Moses the donkey, but he also creates a heightened level of interest for the reader. Indeed, anyone who reads this book will remember the important points in the life of Jesus. In the words of Ron Stock, “We remember them and recall them when we need to be inspired or comforted. My sincere hope is this story of the floppy-eared donkey named Moses brings you happiness and moves you to a new beginning.”

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