The Necessity Of Psychologist Malpractice Insurance

People complain about the high cost of mental healthcare, not realizing that a lot of what they pay for helps to pay for the psychologist malpractice insurance of their medical professionals. Psychologists work in a profession that necessitates constant close contact with patients. This unfortunately can lead to baseless claims being made, which can be financially devastating to a professional with no coverage. While their malpractice insurance is not quite as expensive as some other medical policies are, such as surgical malpractice, they are still a significant investment that must be well considered with Psychologist Liability Insurance.


Liability insurance works to protect individual practitioners from being damaged or devastated by a large claim that they would not be able to dispute or pay for on their own. This is especially important in the field of psychology. While psychiatrists have the ability to directly treat their patients with pharmaceutical solutions or refer them to other treatments, psychologists are largely limited to offering therapy sessions. It is not uncommon for a mental health patient under the care of a psychologist to feel that he is not getting the same kind of care that he wants. This feeling of inadequate care can lead to malpractice claims, which are devastating without coverage whether the claims have basis or not.

All mental health professionals require psychologist liability insurance in some form to safely operate their practice. While some psychologists choose to practice under a clinic or hospital that will cover insurance costs for them, many more choose to practice on an independent basis instead. For this majority, it is necessary to invest in psychologist malpractice insurance for the safety of their own practice.

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