The Penalties For Not Binding The Auto Insurance Baltimore Companies Are Offering

In the turbulent economy of today, it is essential for consumers to reduce their expenses whenever they can. You can save more money by eating out less, going for specialty coffees less frequently and finding low-cost entertainment to enjoy during your time off. One expense that consumers should not cut, however, is their automobile coverage. If you live in Baltimore, it is required by law that you bind the insurance Baltimore companies are offering before taking your vehicle out on the roud. If you fail to have this coverage on a continual basis you could wind up facing serious consequences.


Getting Your Registration And License Suspended

In spite of what people commonly believe, it is not necessary to be pulled over by the authorities in order to face the consequences of drving without coverage. In Maryland there is electronic communication between insurers and the motor vehicle department. Should your coverage be cancelled due to non-payment, the insurance company will notify the motor vehicle department. Once this notification has been received, the driver has one month to provide proof of coverage. If the driver fails to provide this proof, his or her driver’s license or license plate are likely to be suspended. Proof of insurance will then need to be provided and a reinstatement fee will need to be paid before these things can be restored.


You can also receive an insurance ticket from an officer should you be stopped without insurance. The officer has the ability to electronically ensure that the coverage information that you provide is both accurate and up to date, thus, if it has been cancelled you are likely to be ticketed.

Civil Court

Coverage is essentially designed to protect your interests should an accident occur. When you do not have the right coverage in place, you can be held responsible for all injuries and damages. This could result in the garnishment of your wages in order to cover the costs of the damages that an insurance company could have easily paid for you.

Operating a vehicle without insurance Baltimore is very risky and could be far more costly than simply opting to pay for coverage. You can rest easy while protecting your financial interests by opting to carry the necessary amount of automobile insurance.

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