The Potential Legal Issues To Consider Before Installing Classroom Technology

If your school likes to stay on the cutting edge of currently available technology, you may be thinking about upgrading your classrooms with high-tech options such as tablets, smart boards, and more. However, implementing this technology in school can come with several potential classroom technology risks. Here are the potential legal and privacy issues you may face when installing updated tech throughout your school.

Address Potential Confidentiality and Student Privacy Issues

Before installing new technology in your classrooms, make sure to address any potential confidentiality or student privacy issues that could arise. For instance, some common examples of this type of issue include:

  • Student data breaches
  • Ethical violations
  • Online privacy concerns
  • Legal liability problems

Prepare To Combat the Possibility of Cyberbullying

Unfortunately, with many types of new school technology comes the possibility of cyberbullying. Make sure your school has a plan to address:

  • Online bullies in school chat rooms
  • Unauthorized use of social media sites on school property
  • Emotional, mental, and physical issues resulting from cyberbullying
  • Reputational damage resulting from online bullying problems

No matter what type of technology upgrades you’re currently considering making to your school, it’s important to know about the potential classroom technology risks you may face. From confidentiality and privacy issues to the possibility of cyberbullying, knowing about common technology risks can help your school prepare.

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