The specilaties of a Sonographer

A Sonographer is a medical specialist who obtains images from inside a patient’s body by the use of sound wave technology. These results along with results from other test are used to determine a diagnosis for the patient’s condition. It is the responsibility of the Sonographer to position the patient correctly so the sound waves can reflect the best possible image along with making the patient comfortable at the same time. they must also be comfortable enough to answer questions the patient’s may have about the procedure.

Just as physicians can choose to be a general practitioner or specialize, so too can Sonographers. If the Sonographer chooses to specialize, they will of course need specialized training and take one of the certification exams offered by the ARDMS.


This is the specialty that most pregnant women are familiar with as it deals with monitoring the fetus. Monitoring the fetus is also known as an ultrasound in which the images are interpreted by the OB/GYN physician.


A person trained in this specialty can view a patient’s abdominal cavity, gallbladder, spleen, bile ducts, liver, kidneys, pancreas and the male reproductive system. Their training may have also included some of the chest cavity, which enables them to perform a limited portion of the job of an echo cardiographer.


This specialty helps children with diagnosis of neurological and nervous system disorders. If they find an abnormality in those areas, the neurosonographer will scan blood vessels to detect symptoms of stroke and sickle cell anemia. Since this specialty deals with imaging the brain and nervous system, a special transducer is required to obtain those images.

Breast Sonographers

This is probably the second most familiar specialty as it is used to detect breast abnormalities. It can be used as a tool along with mammography for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Like the neurosonographer, the breast Sonographer uses a transducer that is specially designed to work with tissues in the breast.

Cardiovascular Sonography

There are many different heart conditions today and this specialty deals with finding them. They perform electrocardiograms and x-rays to help detect heart diseases and malfunctions. Many Sonographers certified in this specialty find themselves employed by mobile units and specialty hospitals solely dedicated to heart disease.

The most popular specialty?

Obstetrics and Gynecology is the most popular specialty amongst Sonographers as mentioned previously. This specialty is always in demand, which tends to draw people towards this career field. Another reported reason is the job satisfaction that comes from helping to insure the health and well-being of unborn babies.

Sonographer Specialties was written by Aspen Rae who maintains a website about Sonograms as well as Sonographer Salary where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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