The Value of Non Owned Auto Liability Insurance for Staffing Firms

Staffing firms perform valuable services in today’s employment landscape, but they also face unique risks. They must consider protection alternatives should their employees get into accidents while driving client vehicles. Since staffing firms would be expected to bear the weight of liability in such cases, they should consider non owned auto liability insurance to safeguard assets.

How This Policy Works

A hired and non owned auto liability insurance policy protects both staffing firms as well as their clients should staffing firm temps have an accident while driving client vehicles. Some policies may even cover staffing firms listed as the “named insured” if their employees are driving personal vehicles while on staffing firm business. Often, additional coverage is available with this type of policy for damage to hired vehicles driven by employees on staffing firm work.

Advantages of This Specialized Coverage

A policy for non owned auto liability insurance offers important benefits. One is coverage for bodily injury to others and damage to others’ property. Additional advantages include flexibility in coverage and help with legal costs in litigation cases. Putting this type of specialized protection in place helps everyone breathe easier.

Since staffing firm employees often must drive while on the job, protecting your firm with advanced insurance makes good business sense.

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