The Various Designs Of A Quality Wrought Iron Railing

A functional and attractive addition to the home is a wrought iron railing, with its added security measures to balconies, porches and steps due to its sturdy construction and the increased curb appeal due to its ornamental design. Because iron can look decorative it is also popular inside the home, and compliments almost all home decor styles. Wrought iron is extremely durable, and is corrosion and rust resistant, making it virtually maintenance-free. Imitation wrought iron products however, are of sub-standard quality and do not have these properties.


Wrought iron railings can be as simple or as intricate as the owner would like. Because of its easy workability it is able to be sculpted into numerous designs which can include spiral spindles, scrollwork and intricate filigree. Shaped toppers can also be crafted for the top of spindles, giving a decorative finish to railings. Spindles themselves are available in various designs, such as fluted, square or round being the most popular for exterior use, and swirls or scrolls more commonly used indoors.

It is possible to find wrought iron railings for sale at the majority of stores selling home or garden wares, and there are numerous online retailers available who specialize in supplying quality wrought iron products. It is important when shopping around for wrought iron railings that the quality of the item is checked to ensure it is not an imitation iron. Prices can also be compared easily with the use of the Internet, and this can be a good indication as to the quality of the product you are purchasing.

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