Tips and Tricks To Say Goodbye To Anxiety Attacks

Panic attacks may be caused by either a physical condition or it could be triggered by imagined fear or phobia. Symptoms of a panic attack may also be exhibited physically or mentally, just like its causes. Physical symptoms include, but do not limit to, palpitations, sweating, visible (or otherwise) shaking, shortness of breath, chills, hot flushes, paleness, blushing, dizziness, chest pains and nausea and abdominal discomfort. Some of the psychological symptoms are obsessive thoughts, feeling unreal or dreamy, feeling detached from oneself, fear of death and having the fear of losing control or going crazy.

While methods are available for you to completely rid yourself of panic attacks, this article focuses primarily on coping strategies you can use to make sure you deal with a panic attack efficiently and fast the next time it strikes. Because unlike anxiety attacks that results from constant worrying over something, panic attack can come without a warning. They strike randomly but will also only last for a short time; however, you would want to be equipped with the right tools to manage the symptoms when they come. Panic Away by Joe Barry is resource you can go to for complete treatment of this condition.

Diversion and relaxation are the two categories from which quick coping strategies usually fall under. When you remove your attention from your worrying thoughts and place it instead to things outside of your body, that is the essence of a diversion technique. One good diversion technique is counting from numbers 100 to 1. Counting objects you see around you (like cars, dots, stripes, etc) works too. You may also divert your attention through splashing a cold water on your face or singing a song.

A rush of adrenaline courses through your body when panic attack strikes. You need to use up this adrenaline and use them fast and you can do this by moving around or simply taking a walk. This will help you relax. Another way to relax is to try tensing all your muscles first and then immediately yet slowly relax your muscles. One helpful method you need in your arsenal is a good breathing technique. Consider practicing this: Breathe in normally and, without pausing, exhale for a longer amount of time. Counting while doing this may help as well. This is just one breathing technique you can use. You can choose to learn more relaxation techniques and even find out how you can eliminate panic attacks for good by reading the Linden Method by Charles Linden and Panic Puzzle by Rich Presta. What we’ve discussed, once again, are just coping strategies. If you are ready to invest on a permanent cure, you may find reliable programs that address this matter to a tee at Panic Puzzle Review at

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