Tips On Using A Cigar Holder

A Cigar holder is a great asset for all cigar aficionados who wish to have a great smoking experience. Since these holders are both functional and trendy, using them not only helps in keeping one’s fingers from smelling like nicotine but also makes one look stylish and classy. But if you are used to smoking a cigar without a holder, take a look at some of these tips on using a cigar holder properly listed below-


Keeping the holder clean:

Try keeping a cigar holder clean by blowing away all the lodged tobacco or residue present in the holder. This can either be done by unscrewing the holder and blowing air through the opening to remove the debris that is trapped in the holder or one could also save their lungs and use a pipe cleaner to help keep their cigar holder clean and jammed free.

Inserting the cigar in the holder:

For placing the cigar in a holder in effortless manner, it is important to use a cigar holder that is compatible to the size of the cigar. This makes it easy for one to place the cigar safely and securely into the holder before lighting it in a normal manner.

Smoking a cigar in a holder:

While smoking a cigar in a cigar holder, always try holding it in an upright position. Pointing it down towards the ground can make the cigar become lose due to the changing air flow, thereby making it just fall off.

Using a cigar holder not only aids in protecting your teeth and lip without affecting the quality of the tobacco, but also goes a long way in keeping the tar out of your lungs. So buying a good quality cigar holder proves to be wise investment which one will not regret.

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