To Kill or not to Kill “Philanthropist” Pieter Godessohn by Todd Rutherford

In Tommy Vilar’s Save Italy! Forget the Rest, villain Pieter Godessohn is a deft, steroid-taking philanthropist, respected the world over. What we do not know is that the great man is actually an impostor who has “fraudulently inherited his estate.” Bearing a 65 billion dollar “gift” to Italy, he claims to be the Savior of Venice. Interestingly, Godessohn’s gracious donation directly follows the murder of Senator Vittorio Passoni, effectively resurrecting the Senator’s “Save Venice” movement.

Dante Passoni, the main character and nephew of Vittorio Passoni, understands Godessohn’s murky character and is convinced that Pieter had a hand in his uncle’s murder. When Pieter kidnaps his love, Gina, and tries to kill Dante multiple times, Pieter’s true nature comes out. He is described as a “bank of cold fog, no warm center.” Truly, this is a battle between two heavyweights.

Pieter Godessohn is treacherous, and his intentions are to wreak havoc. He designs a series of nuclear warheads, or steel fish, that dive deep below the ocean’s surface and swim undetected until reaching their destination-causing unprecedented destruction by altering the earth’s climate. Pieter, if he succeeds, will set in motion what could be the greatest natural disaster in history.

Dante faces one enormous obstacle: even if can unmask Godessohn’s evil intentions and lock him up-or wipe him entirely from existence-the nuclear warheads will remain unstoppable. Only Godessohn know how to halt their deadly swim. Dante sums it up best: “I’m afraid, Gina, that Godessohn is the only man alive capable of reversing the ghastly scenario he has set in motion.”
Ultimately, Pieter Godessohn is one of the most intelligent villains in the history of literature. Though immortality cannot be achieved, he has created a scenario where he knows that his enemies will not kill him as long as his nuclear fish are in motion.

Can Dante temporarily set aside his personal vendetta, resist killing Pieter and convince Godessohn to disable the nuclear warheads? Read Save Italy to find out!

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