Types and Importance of Sawmill Insurance

Despite its many benefits, sawmill operation can be dangerous at times. As such it is advisable you obtain sawmill insurance to protect you as well as your business. The risk linked with sawmill operation is high and thus it may be hard to find a policy that provides adequate cover and is cost effective. –Sawmill Insurance

Since there is no insurance policy that is set for sawmill insurance, you can make a choice between business asset insurance and tool floater. Business asset insurance provides cover for all tools, valuables and papers in a particular area. New tools and property can be included in the cover if the insurance is extended. The main disadvantage of this insurance type is that, cover will be valid as long as the equipment is operating within the property area. As such, this type of cover is not beneficial for a portable sawmill.

This is where acquiring an equipment floater for sawmill insurance becomes necessary. This type of insurance is applicable to portable equipments and provides cover to your sawmill even when it is operating outside the property area.

The major point that you have to understand regarding the above policies is that cover is not provided for bodily harm or accidents during sawmills operation. Therefore, you will have to acquire a general liability policy to cover against bodily harm or accidents. Sawmill insurance is normally granted to persons that are considered not highly risky. Ensure that you observe a safety working policy with strict adherence to it. Have frequent inspection of your sawmill and to top it all attend certified safety courses.

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