Types Of Rare Earth Magnets

Some permanent magnets are basically made of rare earth metals. These magnets are divided into samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets. The Neodymium magnets are made up of neodymium, boron and iron. They are applied in the manufacture of various electronic devices. Their magnetic properties are much higher than that of the samarium cobalt magnets and they are also less expensive. Neodymium magnets can corrode so they are preserved by coating with copper or nickel.


The Samarium magnets are made up of samarium, iron and cobalt. They are less active than the neodymium magnets though they are preferable in some cases where there is need for high temperature resistance. They also tend to retain their magnetic effect for longer periods than the neodymium magnets. The samarium magnets are also more resistant to corrosion. They are applied in satellite dishes.

Both neodymium magnets and samarium magnets can cause havoc. They can destroy cell phones, computers, credit cards and several other electronic products. As a result, appropriate storage techniques should be applied when they are not utilized.

Samarium and neodymium magnets can be easily bought via the internet. They can be customized to suit any specific shape or style. If you want to get these magnets online, it is necessary to do a good search on available shops online that offer these products so that you will have a good deal.

These rare earth magnets have helped in the development of science and technology. Notwithstanding, they should be handled with caution to avoid their negative effects. Precautions to be taken when using these magnets include keeping away from children and avoiding nearness with electronic devices.

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