Understanding Psychologist Liability Insurance

Mental health professionals insurance just beginning a practice have many responsibilities to consider, not the least of which is the inevitable purchase of Psychologist Liability Insurance. Much time and effort goes into starting a practice for any specialty of health care, and psychologists especially are at risk of malpractice or other claims because of the personal nature of their work. It is absolutely necessary that practicing psychologists are fully covered against this possibility.

Most comprehensive liability coverage exists specifically to meet the needs of a changing and growing practice, which works well for psychologists that work independently and may not experience the same level of stability as a practitioner that works for a clinic or hospital. These plans generally handle claims as they happen, which works well for these independent practitioners. Risk management is another service that many policies offer, allowing psychologists and their lawyers to participate in conversations that handle anything from potential claims to live claims to questions about maintaining or changing coverage.


For independent practicing psychologists especially it is important that a liability policy covers every potential legal fee and courtroom cost in the event of a claim. The best policies will even allow professionals to collect money to cover loss of income due to time spent on a claim case, or traveling expenses. Defense fees are generally covered as well, which can take a great deal of financial burden away from a practitioner.

With more and more patients seeking out mental health care services that put them in close direct contact with their doctor, it is important that professionals seek out psychologist liability insurance. It is vital that research is done to select a policy that works specifically for your practice. With the proper safety net, claims need never be a financial burden to a practice.

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