Use The Laws Of Attraction For Crafts With Ceramic Magnets

Teachers and artists use ceramic disc magnets because of their strength and versatility. Also known as ferrite magnets, they have a powerful pull strength, and they can easily be incorporated into arts and crafts and other projects. Their magnetism makes them easy to use when creating fun magnets that will hang on the fridge and other appliances at home, or on filing cabinets, boards, and desks at school and work.


Depending on their size, and the number you are purchasing, most of these magnets cost between one dollar and five dollars. They are easy to buy in bulk at most craft stores, art supply stores, department stores, and even online. When you purchase a great number, you often get a price that puts each magnet at much less than a dollar. Buy them when you buy the rest of your craft supplies so you know what size will work best for your project. The disc shape works best when you glue other materials onto it or over it, so avoid getting magnets that are too large. Do not forget the glue, or any other adhesive, such as Velcro, that you may be working with to affix designs to the magnet.

The ceramic magnets are available in other shapes, including blocks and rings. The small round disks tend to be the most popular, however. Their size makes them easy to work with, and the round shape avoids poking or scraping that could damage any fabrics or materials that teachers, students, and artists may be working with. They are small but powerful, maintaining a great holding strength and providing an economical value to whatever project you are working on. Ceramic disk magnets are especially favorable when creating badge holders, latches, magnetic jewelry, toys, display boards, sensor applications, and other games and crafts.

Creating personalized magnets is easy, and can be done by placing a design on top of the ceramic magnet. Paint a small rock and glue it to the magnet for something you can easily display or give as a gift. Work with fabric or felt cutouts for the same effect. Help small children conduct science experiments by testing the magnets on different surfaces, and keeping track of which ones attract the magnet and which ones do not. It can be entertaining and educational for kids on weekends, or when they are out of school and you are trying to keep them busy without planting them in front of the television.

Ceramic disk magnets serve any craft purpose. They are durable, versatile, and a good value for whatever you have planned. Stock up any time you have the chance, and you will always have a supply of power and attraction waiting to be put to good use.

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