Using A Gerber Knife

Gerber Knives have many uses like cutting shipping tape from a box or for assorted home projects. The knives have other purposes like hunting. Gerber creates products of top quality that are long-lasting and beautiful.

Utility Knives

These are typically made to be small but useful. The knives cone with a dull tip and folding style. Many businesses use them to cut cardboard. You can buy Gerber knives with a larger blade in folding clip designs and jagged borders. You can keep them hooked to your belt buckle or pocket. These are useful for doing small tasks around the farm like opening feed sacks. There are useful if you don’t have a farm.

Stockman Knives

Stockman knives or pocket knives are little, simple knives that can be folded.They usually have an oven,folding blade or may come with several blades. These knives can fit snugly in a purse or pocket. An antler is often used to create the grip and the metal may feature fancy engravings. Some prefer carrying these Gerber knives in case they need them.

Hunting Knives

Hunting knives almost always come with a fixed blade design. It can be hard keeping a knife free of dirt in the woods and you don’t want to fold a knife with blood and soil since it can harm the grip.Their curved even blade makes them perfect for hunting and gutting. It also has a gut hook that comes in handy for cutting sticks.

Gerber knives need to be handled with respect all of the time. Keep them from children and be careful when you cut with them.

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