Using A Statasys Dimension For Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid prototyping can be done with various varieties of plastics, metals, elastomers and other materials. There are various providers who render you the rapid prototyping services that can be found at reasonable cost. There are various prototyping services that deliver you fast and effective prototype.
The needs of customers on the account of prototyping vary. This demand is met by producing and programming different rapid prototyping combining technologies according to the needs and the material to be used. Rapid prototyping services most often focus on saving time, creating quality outputs, avoiding high cost programming and modifying for the production equipments. Functional testing is a highly used application for rapid prototyping for which the mostly used materials are SLS Dura Form PA and Dura Form GF thermoplastics. Some prototyping materials also deliver high durability, flexibility, elasticity and temperature tolerance.
Stratasys Dimension is a new brand of the 3D printers that can deliver you a high quality of product with a lower cost of production. You can also evaluate models and concepts using this type of printing technology. ABS plastic is another highly used thermoplastic in injection molded products. These printers use up ABS plastic to buildup models layer by layer. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology is used in these printers for rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing. These types of printers are in a higher demand in the field of aerospace, automotive, industrial equipments, architecture, defense and etc.
Another great leap was taken ahead with the use of the Stratasys Dimension printers which set the entire green community in a great wonder. An ecological green car named Urbee was designed with the aid of this prototype whose entire body was 3D painted. The main target on Urbee was to design and manufacture the car in a green process as much as could. This main goal was only met by the FDM technology of Stratasys, which if not would have been an unachievable task. FDm technology avoids all sorts of handworks, tooling and machining whereas it efficiently handles intermediate design changes during the process of manufacturing.
FDM technology not only helped in the production of a green car which was an eco friendly initiative, but also it had crept into so many other fields where the technology would bring about great changes in the process of designing and manufacturing that are to be done in the future. This is not just an achievement of Stratasys, but a great innovative.

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